Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the very latest information on picking and directions?

Our 24-hour “hotline”, 301-898-7131, is your most up to date information available.  We can change the information on it very quickly.  For example: weather conditions change, berry availability, whether picked berries are available etc.  We also give directions to the field that we are picking in at the time.  We recommend that you call this number just before you leave home for the farm to be sure we are open and there is still availability for whatever product being harvested at that time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or check only.  If you are planning to write a check please make sure that you have a valid drivers license, telephone number and your address is printed on your check – no starter checks, please. 


Do you provide picking containers?

We have always encouraged our customers to bring their own containers for picking.  It is very “Earth friendly” as well as cost effective.  However, if you should choose to purchase a container from us, we do provide them at cost.  We have found for berry picking a hard sided container works best.  This keeps your berries from crushing and bruising.  A 5-quart “ice-cream” bucket is ideal! We strongly discourage picking in bags.

Can we bring our pets with us to pick?

While we love your pets too, we cannot allow them to be brought into the field with you.  We are in the business of providing wholesome food, and pets and their possible waste do not mix.  Also, there are people that are either afraid of or don’t appreciate your pets as you do.


Are our children allowed in the fields to pick?

We encourage you to bring your children with you so that they can appreciate how their food grows and where it comes from.  At Glade-Link we have seen generations after generations come to the farm as a family tradition.  We do respectfully ask that you keep your children with you at all times and that they follow our rules to make picking enjoyable for everyone. 


Can we just show up at the farm, hop out of our cars, and start picking?

Our procedure at Glade-Link is to have all customers check in at our stand, have their containers weighed, and proceed to our field attendants, who will assign them a place to pick.  You will be instructed what row or bush to start picking on and asked to pick all the ripe berries as you go. (Remember that each individual fruit has the same amount of sugar content, so the small ones are even sweeter than larger berries) When you have picked all the berries you want and are ready to leave your area, contact the attendant so that they can mark where you stopped picking.  This allows us to place someone there to finish the row etc. This assures you that on each and every visit you have a spot that has not been picked that day. Lastly, proceed to the checkout stand and we will weigh your berries, subtract the weight of your container and you will be on your way to enjoying the “fruits of your labor”.

Are you organic?

Glade-Link’s farming practices are conventional, although we take great care to be as environmentally conscious as possible.  We test our soil every year and have it analyzed so that only needed nutrients are added.  Our crops are all planted with grass buffers so that we can reduce soil erosion and runoff.  We practice our own IPM (integrated pest management) to avoid unnecessary pesticide use.  When we do need to spray, we follow USDA, EPA, MDE, and MDA guidelines, and if possible, and effective, we use OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) rated products.

Are there employment opportunities?

Glade Link is family owned and operated.  We have three generations working on the farm in some manner.  We hire local students (16 years and over) and college students as well as retirees and extended family.  We believe in keeping our business as “local” as possible.  Many of our employees return year after year.